How To

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          How do I submit a project?
     Answer:: First you will need to register, after you register and login you will have the option to submit your project for review by our Development Team. Please be as complete as possible. You can also upload your project in a Word or other text file format.

          Do you accept every project?
     Answer:: Our goal is to accept every project. However, during times of high request load and depending on what type of project you are requesting, it may be declined.

          I have a short deadline, can you rush?
     Answer:: If we can not meet your posted deadline we will modify the deadline to our own. If this is not acceptable to you then we can try to make arrangements to rush the project for an additional fee. Which will depend on the deadline difference.

          Will my project be posted as a developer pick modification?
     Answer:: We do reserve the right to re-use any of our development code for future clients. However, if you do not want us to post the modification on our main page, please let us know and we will consider making other arrangements.

          Can I resell my project as a mod?
     Answer:: You may resell your project only through our DZOIC Community Store (coming soon). However, you need to notify us in advance if this is your intent so we can make the appropriate arrangements.

          Can I still upgrade after modifications are made?
     Answer:: Short answer would be NO. When it comes to upgrading there are really only 2 things you can do. 1. Document all changes and/or changed files. Then when you upgrade, you would have to run a diff on those files, and manually restore your modifications. 2. Manually upgrade the changes into your files so that they don't effect your modification. We are not responsible for lost modifications to your site, so beware before you upgrade. We may re-install your modification for a smaller cost then the initial cost, but you will still be charge to do so

          How long do I have to decide if I want to proceed with Project?
     Answer:: The quotes given are valid for 30 days from the date we post it. If you decide to proceed with the Project and it has been more than 30 days since the original quote was posted, the price may change.

  Financial ▪ ▪ ▪

          What if I can't pay 50% down?
     Answer:: We require 50% down to start any project. Depending on the size of this project this might be flexible. If the project is very small or very large, this policy may be adjusted to accommodate the size of the project.

          What type of payments do you take?
     Answer:: We currently only accept Paypal. If you have special requirements you may send a message to the Administrator to see if we can accommodate you.

          Do I have to continue with the project if I don't like the price?
     Answer:: It is best not to discuss price in "public" messages. Please send a private message to the administrator with any special requests regarding pricing. If your project is accepted you will be given the option to pay 50% down to continue the project. If you do not accept the price you can simply not pay this price and let us know that you have chosen not to move forward with us. We will cancel your project and you will owe nothing.

  How To ▪ ▪ ▪

          Add more then one file when submitting a project
     Answer:: When you submit a project you are given the option to upload a single file. If you have multiple files, you can submit your project, then go to Project->Files and upload the rest of your files to the project file area.

          How do I pay for a project?
     Answer:: If your project is waiting for payment then you should have an invoice associated with your project. You can go to your project and click on the "invoice" link in the top menu. If you do not have an invoice waiting please contact the administrator. You should always pay through our software so that your payments will get credited automatically.

          How do I write specs so that you can provide a quick, accurate quote
     Answer:: In order for us to provide quotes in an accurate, timely fashion please be sure to include clear and concise details of your request. Unfortunately, telling us you want your site to be just like Facebook or any other website, is too vague as there are usually too many functions for us to determine exactly what you would like included. So please be as specific and detailed as possible. Also, please feel free to upload files and/or documents to describe what you would like us to do.